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orSlow’s Super Thick Indigo Sakiori Vest

If the word ‘sakiori’ isn’t in your normal everyday wordbank, don’t be alarmed because you’re definitely not alone. We’ll talk details in a second, but what you do need to know is that orSlow just made a vest out of the stuff — appropriately entitled the Sakiori Vest — and it’s up for grabs now.

Imagine if that old rag rug at your grandma’s house was instead made with strips of recycled indigo dyed kimono, but it was then cut and sewn into a wearable piece of clothing. That’s pretty much sakiori. This ultra-thick style of woven fabric dates back to eighteenth century Japan, where it was originally woven to provide warmth and durability, but it definitely isn’t seen everyday in modern times.

As far as details go, this one keeps things simple. There are two front waist pockets and one brass button that keeps it together and that’s basically everything. orSlow put painstaking time and effort into creating this fabric (hence the steep price tag) but you can rest easy knowing you are wearing a piece steeped in a rich history in weaving, if that’s your thing.

Available for $895 at Blue in Green.

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