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Post Overalls’ Latest E-Z Cruz Vest is Made of Denim That Weighs Only 3oz.

Han Solo. The Man With No Name. Marty McFly. What do all these guys have in common? Well, besides being some of my personal heroes, they all wore vests.

There’s a long history of badass guys wearing vests, and hey, you could be the next. If you want to join those handsome ranks, look no further than the latest E-Z Cruz Vest from Post Overalls. We’ve admired the design on this fine vest from Post Overalls in previous years, but this time around, it comes in something special: 3oz. denim! To add functionality to the incredibly lightweight iteration of this annually-offered vest, it also comes with plenty of pockets.

So, if you wanna steal the look of smugglers, gunslingers, and time-travelers of yore, then you might want to nab this super-lightweight layer.

Available for £387 at The Bureau.