Sage 14oz. Deep Indigo Rover Denim Jeans

Indonesia’s Sage has a bit of a reputation for their heavier denim, but that might overshadow the fact that the line is one of the few offering a complete range of denim — seldom seen, as most makers find their niche and go all out in that domain.

On one hand, you can purchase Sage’s 25oz. selvedge monsters (the appropriately named “Everbeast II”) with all the higher-end details one would assume. But on the other, they offer considered, non-selvedge mid-weight options that, for the money, are definitely worth pondering.

Their newest jean, the Deep Indigo Rover Denim, is a good year-rounder, coming in at 14oz. As the name would suggest, it starts as a deeper indigo than the standard Rover jean, but all the trimmings are the same: sanforized ring-spun right hand twill with a slim-tapered cut, hidden rivets, signature black buttons, white twill pocket lining, Polaris embroidery, and an inked and embossed pull-up back patch.

Best of all, the price stays nice thanks to simple arcuate-free back pockets and projectile-loomed denim (non-selvedge). That Deep Indigo fabric could have been called Super Deep Indigo, as it almost appears to be indigo-dyed on both the warp and weft, which should turn out some extra contrast-y fades indeed.

$52 is all it takes at Sage’s website.