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Kapital’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection is Mountainous

If anyone really goes for it on a lookbook, it’s Kapital. Case in point: the book for their 2017 Fall/ Winter collection is comprised of a whopping 373 images! Assuming there are a couple shots per look, as well as a few detail shots thrown in for good measure, you’re still looking at a minimum of 80 or so looks. And can we talk about these looks?

The overarching theme is technically “Mountaineering” but Kapital goes way off path, as they tend to do. And there is so much more going on here. I see Shinobi silhouettes, I see equestrian uniforms, I see casual saloon attire, I see formal looks for Fukuyama back-alleys, I see hand-me-down farm-wear from my new-age aunt whose kale is 100% certified organic. All this and I’m only 43 pics in.

Alongside all the adventurous attire are the hallmarks of Kapital: tons of Indigo and tons of American Western and military references, all served with a heaping portion of Japanese heritage elements. That’s Kapital for ‘ya.

Some stand-out looks for myself include: “90s club kid in distorted Indigo Cosby Show sweater,” “Gypsy raver in technical gear”, and “Technicolor Sherpa cowboy.”

The full lookbook can be viewed at Kapital.