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Kapital Oil Leather Studs Disco Buckle Belt

Do you ever feel like dancing the night away, but worry that your corduroy bell-bottoms just won’t be able to hold themselves up while you bust a move? Kapital, apparently, had that very same concern, so they went ahead and made this new Oil Leather Studs Disco Belt, so you can follow the call of the disco ball all night long.

The belt itself is simple in nature, but the buckle is a beast of its own. Covered with western-style engravings and clad with three different colored glass studs, you’ll be the talk of the town with your nod to classic Americana styling. It features a single leather belt loop and three brass rivets to hold that beastly buckle in place, and for some extra Native American vibes, a metal arrowhead was added to the back side. It comes in a handsome, worn-looking black and brown leather, but it’s Kapital, so it also comes in bright blue.

Available for $287 at Blue in Green.