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RFW Puts Slubby Japanese Denim on Their Bagel-Lo Sneakers

At first glance, the latest release by Japanese footwear makers RFW might look like just another stereotypical heritage rubber-toed sneaker in a sea of stereotypical heritage rubber-toed. However, the Bagel-Lo is so much more, and features some subtle detailing that will have you wishing you were out on the sandlot with your closest pals, hoping you’re not the one that has to retrieve the ball when it goes over the fence.

Right off the bat, this shoe is made using a loosely woven Japanese denim from Okayama, which not only helps breathability but also means you’ll see some gnarly textured fades over time — just like your favorite jeans. Simple suede accents adorn the tongue and inner angle padding, and every shoe features a full rubber sole for optimal grippage. Go and get your morning bagel in style with the Bagel-Lo.

Available for $150 at Blue in Green.