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Stevenson Overall Co. Releases Their “Weekend Warrior” Lookbook

Stevenson Overall Co. drops a lookbook the way I like — without a set release date or ETA for the pictured goods. But as you peer through their lookbook, you’ll notice that most of those well-crafted items are actually in shops and ready to cop right now, excluding a few exclusives to Self Edge NY.

The theme of the lookbook is “Weekend Warrior,” a term originally used to describe members of the military, but it’s since been adapted to refer to anyone that stacks up their activities during the weekend. With the season’s military inspiration and ready-for-anything execution, the lookbook is aptly titled on both fronts.

Perhaps it’s the cut of the jib on that model, but I’m catching some 1970s Martin Scorsese vibes and, personally speaking, I’m definitely not mad at that. Go watch Mean Streets then revisit the cut of the pants. That sweater vest-shirt combo would look right at home on Charlie (Harvey Keitel) and, being that Charlie was a bit of a baller, he likely would have worn that loopwheeled underwear.

Or check out Boxcar Bertha and try to tell me that rancher jacket isn’t something Big Bill Shelly (David Carradine) wouldn’t wear. Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickel (De Niro), had he made some different choices in life, likely would have retired his iconic M-65 for the more stylish Overlander M-38, and Jake LaMotta (De Niro again), hero of Raging Bull, would have easily worn the zip-front short sleeve joint while slugging beers at home, or the loopwheeled sleeveless hoodie while putting in work on the speed-bag at the gym.

The items can be found at all five Self Edge stores as well as their website.

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