The Flat Head Woven Double Kangaroo Leather Wallet Rope

Aside from wrist watches, wallets, and ball-caps, most accessories for men hold the potential to beckon a bit of ire from passersby — even in 2017 men that aren’t fully on board with fashion can still have the yard-stick of practicality to measure up to. One accessory that can be both fashionable (if done right) and exceedingly practical is the wallet rope. I mean, come on, who likes to accidentally part ways with their wallet? Only the impractical.

To take it up a notch, The Flat Head’s new 19-inch wallet rope is made from two separately braided ropes and has some vintage red, silver, and horn beads dangling off to the side for a dash of flair. Made from full-grain kangaroo leather, an iron holder clasps your wallet on one end and you on the other.

Available for $198AUD (~$150USD) at Corlection.