Studio D’artisan’s Indigo-Dyed Sashiko Jeans Are Chock Full of Texture

There’s a new wave of interest in the ways Japanese tradition collides with Americana. Two new documentaries Blue Gold and Weaving Shibusaand a fabulous book by W. David Marx, Ametora: How Japan Saved American Fashionall analyze this fascinating cultural interplay.

To see Japanese and American heritage interact, just look at Studio D’Artisan’s Indigo-Dyed Sashiko Jeans. Sashiko is a traditional running stitch that originally was used to repair clothes, but was also highly valued for its decorative beauty. SDA’s custom 12oz. sashiko fabric with an indigo warp and weft mean that you’ll see higher contrast fades with a ton of texture. They come in a slim fit with details like hidden rivets, leather-backed buttons, and a lined yoke.

Available for $290 at Self Edge.