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Fade of the Day – NN.07 Woven Leather Wallet (2.5 Years)

If there’s one thing that could be better than a well-patinated natural veg tan wallet, it would have to be a well-patinated woven natural veg tan wallet. And that’s exactly what we have with today’s Fade of the Day, sent over to us from Julian Bartsch of Palo Alto, California, where he’s been given this NN.07 wallet two and a half years of regular back pocket use.

The cool thing about leather is that, as it ages, it can literally transform from one color to another and become more supple from all the movement and natural oils it encounters. The results can be seen all over here, but they tend to really pop at the edges, which get darker faster because of the added friction. And when you make a wallet out of woven leather, there are a ton of exposed edges to create an entire surface of unique and personalized patina.

This wallet is showing its age beautifully and looks to be holding up pretty well at this milestone, which is good because there’s still plenty of wear left in it.

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