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President’s Compact Heavy Jersey Kadavu Jacket

Signature models are important. For instance, Nike has the Air Jordan and President’s has their Kadavu jacket. Both companies use their signature model to attract attention to the rest of their line, and they both redesign the offering every year. Sure, Nike sells a gazillion Jordan’s annually, and you likely haven’t heard of President’s until the last few months (or perhaps right now), but that’s neither here nor there. When you have a thoroughbred in the stable you ride it, regardless of your size or stature.

This time around, President’s made their classically-styled Kadavu in a very uncommon compact heavy jersey knit wool. Jersey is more common in this day and age in cottons, but it’s more often used in t-shirts due to its preferable drape and ability to stretch. But President’s has engineered this jacket a bit by doubling up the jersey knit to make it heavier, preventing the stretch, while retaining that amazing draping character.

As a bonus, that compact heavy jersey knit produces a very unique texture and visual character that will certainly make it stand out from the myriad Kadavu knock-offs that have entered the race over the last couple of years.

Available for ~$415 at Superdenim.