Tanner Goods Pares Down for Their Minimal Card Wallet

Tanner Goods knows that some of us don’t care for rear-pocket wallets. They tend to be bulkier affairs, and therefore get stuffed full of way more stuff than any self respecting person should have on them in the first place. Do you still need that eight-month-old CVS receipt jammed in the back? Of course you don’t. How about 16 card slots? Sounds like financial ruin to me.

Made in the USA with a 3oz. English bridle leather, this wallet forces you to stick to the bare necessities by including just two card slots and one central pocket for folded cash. The super lean design is thin enough to fit into the front pocket of your jeans (the safest spot) or your shirt pocket, and is low-profile enough to have on your person while wearing a suit.

Available in black, brown, and natural for $40 at Tanner Goods.