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The Bootery x Wesco 7″ Brown Roughout Jobmaster

When you work one job long enough, you sort of become a master of that job.Proving the hypothesis, Wesco has been in the boot game for darn close to 100 years, and their latest pair — dubbed the 7″ Brown Roughout Jobmaster — shows off their skills when it comes to designing and producing a high quality men’s boot.

These boots are a unique hybrid that bring all sorts of functional features into one convenient package. The uppers are constructed from nice dark brown roughout leather, which will age beautifully over time while still providing plenty of protection for your toes. But rather than a standard Vibram wedge sole, they chose to strap on a not-often-seen Cream Gloxi-Cut sole, cut with large slits for added traction in rough conditions, as well as some additional flexibility while retaining that classic Vibram comfort.

These lace-to-toe boots come in regular and wide sizes, and are outfitted with brass hooks and eyelets, as well as khaki and light brown heavy duty upper stitching and khaki outsole stitching. So, grab a pair and get back to work!

Available for $650 at Iron Heart.