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Unique Trucker Jackets – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

In a lot of people’s minds trucker jackets are synonymous with Levis’ three denim jacket designs: the type I, type II, and type III. And while the majority of denim jackets are based on those three iconic styles there exist a wide range of jean jackets out there just waiting to be discovered. So join us in our search for the perfect, unique denim jacket, and get one step closer to owning a pure Canadian tuxedo.

1) Stevenson Overall Co: The Engineer Jacket in Indigo Selvage Canvas


Stevenson Overall Co.’s Engineer Jacket certainly shares some similar characteristics with Levi’s trucker jackets, but it’s a far cry from an actual reproduction. The quadruple vertical pleating is reminiscent of some older styles of Levi jackets, as is the cinched back, but the overall design couldn’t be more different. Certainly the most eye drawing element of this jacket are the three front pockets, which are nothing like the pocket designs on Levi’s jackets; and to be quite frank, SOC’s pockets actually look functional, which isn’t something I’ve ever heard said about traditional trucker jacket pockets.

Available for $355 from Cultizm.

2) Mister Freedom: Ranch Blouse Lot. 44


Mister Freedom’s Ranch Blouse is another jacket that shares a few similarities with Levis’ jackets without coming close to being a reproduction. In fact it shares just as many, if not more, characteristics with other vintage denim brands. The M shaped stitching done to represent MF is obviously a homage to Wrangler’s traditional W logo, and the rounded collar, while certainly present on many style of vintage clothes, is unlike any other denim jacket that I’ve seen.

Available for $300 from Mister Freedom.

3) Livid Jeans: Edvin Japan Dry Jacket


While most brands add additional embellishments to to make designs notably their own, Livid Jeans went the other day when designing their Edvin Jacket. It’s quite possibly the most simplistic denim jacket on the market, featuring now pockets, waist cinching, or unnecessary stitching lines. Like all trucker jackets it does have the classic shortened torso and elongated sleeves. It also has two interior pockets capable of holding everything in your EDC without breaking the clean silhouette.

Available for $219 from Cultizm.

4) Engineered Garments: Type 111 Jean Jacket


Engineered Garments Type 111 Jacket is definitely the closest to a reproduction of any of the jackets on this list, but is primarily inspired by vintage Wrangler jackets. The diagonal stitching down the front placket and triple front pockets definitely harkens back to ranch wear in the old west where Wrangler thrived but EG’s design has certainly be smartened up a it.

Available for $138 from Haven.

5) Railcar Fine Goods: Explorer Jacket


Railcar’s Explorer Jacket almost comes off as a modern art interpretation of a Levi’s Type I. It features the classic vertical pleats on the chest, although these are secured with rivets as opposed to rectangular stitches and the front pocket has a more pointed shape to it. All in all the Explorer is certainly not a jacket I’d think of when recommending Type I repros, although it would certainly be at the top of the list for anyone searching for a trucker jacket.

Available for $238 from Railcar Fine Goods.

Plus One – Kapital: St. Domingo Thunderbird Jacket


Once again Kapital stands their own in the Plus One category, as no other jacket on the market could beat out the St. Domingo for this coveted spot. It features multiple types of buttons, uniquely shaped pleated hand pockets, and an amazing amount of decoration on the chest. If there is one company that knows how to create eye-catching pieces without sacrificing wearability it is Kapital.

Available for $662 from Unionmade Goods.