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VOYEJ Leather Goods: A Personal Journey


Complementary and companion to raw denim, leather has been lauded for its durability as well as its beauty. With wear, a leather belt or wallet can age and patina, becoming more beautiful just like a good ol’ pair of denim dungarees. But, like any other material, there’s a whole range of leather from full grain to corrected grain and everything in between (for a good primer on leather, check out our guide on leather grades).

Out of the many eye-catching denim brands coming out of Southeast Asia, there are a few who’ve also taken up the torch for quality leather goods. VOYEJ bears that torch for Indonesia, bringing their own version of leather goods to the market.

The Beginning of VOYEJ

VOYEJ‘s journey began around 2011 as Indonesia’s raw denim community was bustling with the help of online forums like Superfuture, Styleforum, and Darakhubiru. Lucas, one of the brand’s co-founder’s, was highly involved with these communities and noticed a growing demand within the raw denim community for quality leather goods. He sought out to fulfill demand himself.

You might’ve picked up on the fact that the name ‘VOYEJ’ sounds a lot like ‘voyage’ and that’s no mistake. The brand sees leather goods as a reflection of a personal journey, gathering stories and patina along the way.

Constantly Refined, Improved Designs and Service

In-line with brand, each of their creations are named with the voyaging theme and made with simplicity in mind. VOYEJ keeps their designs clean and easy, refining and improving wherever possible along the way.

Take their classic bifold wallet, the Vessel Americana. Its shape and style are immediately familiar with small improvements like a small notch in the first card slot that allows for easier access to your most often used card. Look closely and you’ll see the quality that goes into it. Each piece is crafted by local Indonesian leather artisans and is cut, skived, stitched, and burnished all by hand. It’s been reworked and improved upon over time, and VOYEJ is currently on the sixth version of the Vessel wallet.

But they’re not done once you’ve received your wallet. They also pride themselves on their customer service, including their own leather guide with each product, as well as online customer support. Their goods come with a lifetime warranty, too, if past experiences with other leather goods ever left you leery.

VOYEJ SUPERLATIVE - The Journey Continues

No strangers to quality materials, Voyej uses leathers that have garnered praise for their longevity as well as their beauty including leather from Hermann Oak, Chahin, and of course, Horween.

Their latest project takes their materials a step further. Dubbed ‘Superlative,’ the collection looks to Japan’s Tochigi leather tannery who have been in the business of leather since 1937. Though they’ve been careful to only tease the upcoming collection, with what VOYEJ has produced and the heritage of Tochigi, it’s surely a collection for which you’ll want to keep your ears to the ground.

For more information, head over to VOYEJ’s site and follow them on Instagram.

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