Blue Blue Japan Indigo-Dyed Suede Double Riders Jacket

For their piéce de résistance of the season, Blue Blue Japan, the house line for the Tokyo shop Okura, steers away from the usual silhouettes offered by indigo-obsessed Japanese brands and delivers a bit of a curveball in the form of this as-slim-as-a-second-skin indigo-dyed moto jacket.

It’s as if this was the intended fruit of a collaboration with Balenciaga, but at the last minute, the European mark dipped out, leaving BBJ a jacket to brand on their lonesome.

Regardless the backstory, this is a seriously luxe option as far as indigo-dyed garments go. Heavily textured horsehide suede, made in Japan, with all the trimmings to boot. And, like all Blue Blue Japan products, it’ll fade just as well as your favorite Japanese jeans with wear, eventually turning a faint sky blue.

Available for $2,295 at Blue Owl.