Fade of the Day – Custom leather belt (4 Years)

Here’s something we don’t see too often: a reader’s own handmade leather belt! And not only did Ville Rantanen, of Finland, make this veg-tan leather belt himself, he did such a good job that it’s lasted him four years, and it’s picked up some stellar patina along the way. And all that’s earned him a shoutout in today’s Fade of the Day.

Ville got into raw denim back in 2013, and after buying his first few pairs of raw jeans, he decided he needed a belt. After shopping around, it dawned on him that the simple construction of a belt was something he felt he could recreate himself. He sourced the leather locally, got ahold of the relevant tools and kit, and the rest is history!

The veg-tanned leather has aged just how it should, developing a deep patina of rich tobacco tones peppered with subtle scuffs and scratches. Ville’s raw denim has transferred some indigo dye onto the edges and inside of the strap, too, which means he’s probably got some nice faded jeans to match this solid belt.