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Fade of the Day – Unbranded UB201 (2 Years, 4 Washes, 3 Soaks)

Unbranded UB201’s always deliver, and today’s Fade Of the Day, coming from Nick in Washington State, keeps that tradition alive.

These got their aqua color fades from Nick working in forestry—stomping around in the woods, measuring trees and the like.

Between that and the four washes and three soaks, he’s managed to break in the pair with subtle contrast, as the indigo retention is surprisingly even throughout the jean (unusual for a pair that’s been subject to a lot of hard work). Still, even without the contrast, Nick’s got a great looking pair of jeans that has nice honeycombs, whiskers, and some stacks for good measure.

Unbranded UB201 Raw Denim Jeans