Ginew’s “We Walk Together” Blanket Combines Their Tribal Heritages

Native American designs, iconography, and language are literally and figuratively sewn into the fabric of menswear worldwide. It’s fairly hard to do some online browsing without coming across geometric beadwork, moccasins, or the image of the chieftain headdress, and those are just the three that are presently top of mind. Over time, these and countless other pieces of Native American culture went from being considered sacred by their creators to being reclaimed and commercialized by strangers.

Ginew, the only Native American-owned premium denim collection in the world, has released their “We Walk Together” blanket, designed in exploration with Dyani Whitehawk. Made from pure virgin wool by Pendleton Woolen Mills in Oregon, the wearable blanket fuses symbols from the tribal cultures behind Ginew (Ojibwe, Oneida, and Mohican), those in which it is customary to wrap a newly joined couple in a blanket to symbolize their union. The piece represents how they value their traditional beliefs as they walk this journey of life together, and poses an opportunity for you to do so with members of your tribe as well: at 64″ by 80″, it’s big enough to seat more than a handful of friends at the next bonfire.

Available for $400 at Ginew.