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Momotaro’s Multi Pocket Indigo Denim Shirt is a Balanced Mix of Blues

You know those days when you just can’t decide which blue shirt to wear? Of course you do, we all do. Well, Momotaro has set out to remove that issue from your life with their latest Multi Pocket Indigo Denim Shirt.

If there were food groups for denim nerds, this one checks off every category. You’ve got your wabash stripes, light blue chambray, hickory stripes, and of course your raw denim. Speaking of, the main body of this shirt is made up of an 8oz. 100% Zimbabwe cotton denim, with some nice irregular textures that will surely develop into a faded masterpiece with wear. The three mismatched front pockets are reminiscent of old American workwear pieces, and it’s all held together with some navy cat eye buttons.

Available for $149 at Denimio.