Roy’s Peanut Pants Get Existential

Denim heads the world over rejoice, because Roy has received some more of his proprietary 14oz. Black-Seed denim from Cone Mills’ White Oak plant. That means he’ll soon have a batch of jeans ready for sale, this time around with a relaxed fit and tapered leg to go alongside a few tricks up his inseam.

New for Roy in this pair is the addition of a key hook, an Osh Kosh-esque looking tag on the back pocket, and an interior Peanuts cartoon that reminds one to look at the bright side of life. Of course, you have to wait for him to cut the denim into patterns himself, assemble the jeans himself, and add all of those finishing touches himself, without a finger of assistance, as well. He even created and updates the site himself, and writes your address on the outside of your parcel too!

Hmm, come to think of it, it sure makes you wonder if that four-panel Peanuts comic is meant to be a message of positive thinking to us all, or if it’s a bit of self-help aimed squarely at his one-man-show plight.

The Peanut Pants will be available September 9th at 9AM PST for $285 at Roy Denim.