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Tender’s Prussian Blue Pyjamas Let You Achieve Your Dream Fades

Tender’s William Kroll is a thinker. Not one to simply create a design for aesthetic or trend-motivated purposes, there’s always some sort of rhyme or reason behind his choices. And maybe it’s not your thing if you’re the type to speed through an art exhibit without reading the artist statements, but for those that enjoy a bit of purposeful insight and context, this care in design makes Tender’s clothing all the more special.

For example, the Prussian Blue Pyjamas are a heavy cotton pant that also pay homage to painters. How? Prussian Blue, the color it’s dyed with, was used in two of the most gazed upon paintings in human history: Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” by Hokusai. (In case the second painting doesn’t ring a bell, just know it’s that blue and white painting of swirly, crashing waves that a disproportionate amount of cheap online shops put on their homepage.) Odd descriptors aside, this pant uses a color with pedigree and could be considered a work of art unto itself.

The only puzzling thing: there’s a back pocket on these pyjamas. We need Mr. Kroll to post that artist statement.

Get some dream fades while you sleep (and destroy some sheets in the process) for $144 at Oi Polloi.

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