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The Flat Head Indigo-Dyed Leather & Silver Bracelet

Most wrist wraps are fairly simple and, for that matter, quite similar. But in true Flat Head form, they’re going to have one or two elements in there to distinguish themselves from the pack, because of course they are.

For starters the hand-cut cowhide leather is dyed with pure indigo dye, delivering deep blue tone. I’m not just curious to see how this one fades, if at all, but also patinas, which it surely will in time. A sterling silver S-hook closure is utilized to keep the double-wrap bracelet in place and the entire thing is notably made by Stockburg Leather-Craft in Nagano, Japan.

Also worth pointing out is the considered choice to construct this out of one single piece of leather. Most of the thin leather bracelets out there two strands that held in place with twine, which creates two loops that a metal S-hook holds close together and in place. However, here you have no twine, just a simple hole punched out of each end for the S-hook to slot through, which is just further confirmation that simpler can often be better.

$95 at Self Edge.