Vermilyea Pelle Shell Cordovan Bifold Wallet

What better way to keep track of your green than with a matching green wallet? Getting bored with the standard brown-and-black fare, Vermilyea Pelle went back to the drawing boards and assembled their latest creation, the Shell Cordovan Bifold Wallet, using a horse of a different color (sorry equine lovers).

Shell Cordovan seems to win the hearts and minds of anyone who owns it, whether that be through footwear, luggage pieces, or even wallets. This smooth and visually appealing leather takes a special tanning process to make, which means it isn’t always available in large amounts. But the results are worth it, and this special Blue Owl exclusive release was crafted using a lesser-known green shell cordovan outer.

The wallet features a natural cowhide inner with a signature side-load card pocket design, helping to keep the bulk to a minimum and the important credentials secure. Each piece is made by hand in Wenatchee, Washington, and features an embossed Vermilyea logo on the inner pocket.

Available for $175 at Blue Owl Workshop.