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Beams Plus Ripstop Military 6 Pocket Trousers

In the 1950s and 60s, the United States Armed forces were involved in a number of engagements, which, for lack of a stronger term, could be summarized as “not chill.” But while we were pursuing our not chill goals abroad, the military folks who were designing tactical garments were coming up with some fits for the future generations to geek out over.

If you want to wear one such hip piece of military garb, check out the Ripstop Military 6 Pocket Trouser from Beams Plus. Based on a design from 1969, these pants were originally used for training exercises, but the folks at Beams have made a few changes, modernized the fit slightly and added a secret pocket.

And unlike the original wearer’s of these kind of pants, you weren’t drafted! Congratulations and make love not war in your new pants.

Available for $198 from Milworks.