Dehen and Tanner Goods Custom Knit Blankets and Pillows

The folks at Tanner Goods are wizards with leather, but when they wanted to make some cozier home-goods this season, they wisely tapped Dehen Knitting Co. for a heavy does of wool expertise nearly a century in the making. Dehen is well-known for their varsity jackets, sweaters, cardigans, and other bits of preppy college attire — all of which they make in Portland, Oregon, with the best American woolens available — but this time around, they’re refocusing on that expertise on a series of blankets and pillows. (Tanner has been on a bit of a home-goods tear as of late, it was only a matter of time before they made their way to your bedroom.)

Made of 100% wool yarns, these pieces will no doubt last as long as the coveted and collected Dehen’s varsity jackets your grandpa wore in his more spry days. And that stadium blanket in particular could do a double dose of duty at home or on the bleachers.

The Throw Pillow is available for $105 and the Stadium Blanket for $225 at