Denham Chops Things Up With Their Recut Parka

Denham, the clothing company from Amsterdam, might be known for their jeans and the amazing high-contrast fades that these jeans yield, but they do a whole lot more there worth noting. For example, Denham is coming out with the Recut Parka, a parka made from the fabric of World War II Dutch army tents.

The attention to detail in this jacket is amazing. Based on the classic American fishtail parka, the garment is actually three garments in one: parka with liner, parka without liner, and finally, liner on its own. The parka even features a removable hood, made from camouflage parachute material.

As you can imagine, this jacket is only available in limited quantities, and—perhaps even more thrilling—each jacket is slightly different, based on the history of the tent from which it’s made.

Available from Denham (Price TBA).