Indigofera’s Japanese Waxed Cotton Parka Prepares for Foul Weather

Just when you think those dreaded colder months have finally arrived, summer rallies for one last stretch of hot days, leaving you stuck somewhere in between a down jacket and a t-shirt. Luckily, brands like Indigofera plan for everything, and their new Japanese Waxed Cotton Parka is the perfect transition piece for when the weather gets a little confused.

Cut from a 100% cotton Japanese waxed canvas that’s lightweight and comfy while still protecting you from the elements, this parka was developed as a modern interpretation of the US Navy “Wet Weather Parka” worn from the 1940’s-60’s. A drawstring closure in the waist and neck is matched with adjustable cuffs for ultimate rain-keeper-outer, plus there’s a hood too which always helps.

Available for $399 at Manready Mercantile.