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Kiriko Patches Up Vintage Duxbak with Boro Fabric

Fabric-fanatics, Kiriko, are all for the upcycling of old fabrics and garments into something new. And, they use those fabrics and garments to build pieces that are to be loved and passed through the generations. So it would have been water off a duck’s back patching up this ol’ vintage Duxbak chore jacket with Japanese boro fabrics.

Handmade by the folks at Kiriko, this one-of-a-kind jacket is genuinely the only one of it’s kind. The vintage Duxbak has already got some nice fades and dirty patina, which is complemented by the numerous contrasting boro patches. Kiriko sources most of their fabrics from Japan, but operate out of Portland, Oregon, so this piece is almost like a metaphor for everything that Kiriko is about.

Avaiable (for now) from Kiriko for $795.