Left Field Tube Socks Are Made in USA and Come in Different Sizes

You might recognize the classic tube sock from photos of your grandpa’s college basketball days, or, more recently, of your mom in Jazzercise gear. The design originally appeared in the 1960s, and got their name from the undergarment designer who invented them — Robert Tube.

Just kidding. They got their name because they’re shaped like a straight tube, duh. Though they’re tube-shaped and not foot-shaped, the simple design allows for the socks to mold to any foot shape more easily. I remember when I received my first pair. It was at a UC Davis volleyball game via a crude projectile cannon to the face. Go Aggies.

But if you’re in the market, you can get your first pair via the internet, from Left Field. Much safer. Made in the USA with thick terry padding, they’ll give you cushion for the pushin’ (like, the skateboard kind of pushin’ obviously). They feature LF’s signature skull logo against 7 different color combinations, so you can rep your favorite sports teams’ colors, just like with the originals. The only catch is that these bad boys are made to fit over your calf, so if you really want to show your colors, you’ve got to roll up your jeans at least eight times. And, if you’re sick of a one-size-fits-nobody sock, LF’s made them in two different size ranges.

Available for $16 at Left Field.