Momotaro 04-022 Patchwork Tiger Camo Vest

Momotaro takes it to the inner jungle with their latest drop, the 04-022 Patchwork Tiger Camo Vest. And though they may be hard to see amid the wild pattern of greens and browns, there are plenty of tasty details that go with, in typical Momo fashion.

Constructed with the full intention to be worn hard and put to the test, they created their vests with 100% cotton ripstop fabric on the outer and a 100% polyester lining for comfort. To add a little prairie flair, Momotaro added a contrasting black shoulder panel with western style yokes, and paired it with mother of pearl snap buttons down the front placket. There are two front hand pockets in case you forget your mittens, but if you’re in the middle of the woods, you’ll blend right in, which is bad if you’re super lost, and great if you’re not trying to be found.

Available for $260 at Cultizm.