Pure Blue Japan Indigo Jacquard Paisley Shirt

If there’s one thing for certain about Pure Blue Japan, they can take a blue shirt and make it bluer. Their latest offering is indigo-dyed and pattern-heavy, rightfully earning the name Woven Jacquard Paisley Shirt.

As if we don’t already obsess over the fade results from normal fabrics, PBJ kicked up this 100% cotton weave with an added jacquard pattern that will no doubt prove to fade into something special over time. It features a single chest pocket where you can rock a paisley bandana if you’re feeling extra adventurous, as well as matching indigo buttons, gusset straps, and chain stitch runoffs. Like everything Pure Blue, it also includes their signature woven shoai emblem on the side seam so people know you’re the real deal.

Available for $255 at Rivet and Hide.