Shockoe’s Latest Jean Uses Deep Space Selvedge

You might not have known there was a denim space race, but apparently there is, and Shockoe Atelier seems to have already won.

The jean in question comes in the Slim Dayberry fit and is called Deep Space Shockoe, so named after the starry night design on the weft of the jean. Unfortunately for purists, the only way to achieve this design is by using a poly-blend (70% Cotton, 16% Acrylic, 14% Polyester), but the warp is good, old-fashioned indigo and has that classic selvedge edge, which is perhaps the most important thing.

The 13oz. denim comes from Kuroki Mills and the garment is cut in a low-mid-rise, slim-tapered fit that ought to work well under your space suit. And additional details, like leather-backed rivets, reinforced front pockets, and lined back pockets mean these Deep Space jeans should even be able to handle re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere after your journey is complete.

Available for $245 from Shockoe Atelier.