Ashland Leather Company Not-so-Subtle Reverse Shell Cordovan Wallets

Ashland Leather Co. is a Chicago leather goods company owned and operated at night by a couple of guys who work at the world-renown Horween Tannery by day. Needless to say, they know a thing or two about good hides. (Do note that we’re linking this product to Chicago’s Independence Shop, making this a triple-layer Chicago cake, which this boy from Illinois is not mad at all about.)

Tbh, the only way that the Reverse Shell Cordovan Wallet could be more Chicago was if it had dueling Mike Royko and Roger Ebert quotes printed at the inside.

In true ‘rep your set’ form, ALC had the thought to put the inner hidden face of the cordovan shell on the outside, which not only exposed the lesser seen portion (packed with color variance), but also fully displays that big ‘ol “Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan” stamp of authenticity. Each pattern is cut differently, so each wallet, in turn, is a 100%, one-of-a-kind appearance.

Two different styles of folding wallets and a card holder are available, all with plenty of slots for cash, cards, and ID. And while the inside is black on all models, the outward facing side of the shell is available in two colors, one leaning a bit more yellow while the other a bit more green.

$150 – $300 at Independence.