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Fade of the Day – Levi’s 501 STF (5.5 Years, 5 Washes, 15 Soaks)

All hail the Levi’s 501 STF! Here it is again, making another appearance in our Fade of the Day. Today’s pair come to us courtesy of Mifflin Mabalot, who hangs his hat over in Baguio City, the Philippines. Mifflin has been wearing this pair of Levi’s 501 STF for five-and-a-half years, and he’s been rewarded with some true Americana-style fades, which are always a treat to see.

With a measured 15 soaks and five washes, these Levi’s have washed down to a nice vintage-blue. The thighs have worn down nicely with some solid whiskers spanning across the lap. Some stark honeycombs have set in behind the knees, too, but the real charm of these Levi’s is the roping and puckering that covers every seam, especially the rear yolk and hems.

Mifflin tells us these jeans have needed some repairs on the rear, which have been conducted by his local tailor. But aside from those reinforcements, these Levi’s are holding up well, and judging by the images, it looks as though they’re still very much part of Mifflin’s Canadian tuxedo.

Levi’s 501 Shrink-to-Fit (STF) Raw Denim Jeans

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Fabric weight: 12.5 Oz.
  • Fabric source: Unknown
  • Made in: Unknown
  • Fit: Straight leg with high rise
  • Additional details:
    • Levi’s signature model
    • Contrast stitching
    • Button fly
    • Unsanforized
  • Available at: Levi’s for $64.00