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Iron Heart Black 21oz. Wabash Single Knee Logger Jeans

Iron Heart sends a shoutout to the Native American Wabash tribe with this heavyweight monster of a jean. The Wabash used to modify early American workwear pieces, then they’d trade them to the guys working in hard labor jobs. Besides providing super durable coverage, these pieces allowed for the laborers to look totally dipped out doing their back-breaking work, which likely led towards their early demise. Hey, if you gotta do it, it’s worth looking fresh, right? Gotta admire the opportunistic hustle of those Wabash.

These Black 21oz. Wabash Single Knee Logger Jeans stand out a bit amongst similar five-pocket styles out there. For one, it’s a black jean,not your standard indigo jean, which is the dominant backdrop when it comes to Wabash prints. And they come from Iron Heart, so I’m pretty sure you could use them to tie down your U-Haul if your hitch broke—triple chain-stitching 21oz. denim is serious business, now. A zipper fly, half-lined pockets, and a dark grey topstitch with a red bobbin thread round out the details.

Available for $350 at Iron Heart.