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Iron Heart Heavy Loopwheel Sweatpants

So you think you’re fancy with your expanding collection of loopwheeled, made in Japan, vintage-inspired crew neck sweatshirts? If you’re really all about it, check out the latest release from Iron Heart — the IHSW-35 Heavy Loopwheel Sweat Pants and get on that full-body comfort level.

To clear one thing up right out of the gate, these aren’t your grandpa’s sweat pants (respect to your pappy, though). These babies are constructed with four-needle Union Special flat-stitched seams, no outer leg seams, a diamond shaped crotch gusset, and a totally tubular elastic waistband and cuffs. There are two built-in side pockets and, of course, what would any pair of sweats be without a cotton draw string cord? Maxin’ and relaxin’ just got a new definition.

Available for $250 at Iron Heart.