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Stock Mfg. Co. Tucks You In With Their Blanket Flannel Shirts

You know the deal. You probably have enough flannels to get you through this season and the next four. There’s literally no justifiable reason for you to buy another, but here we are. One or two more couldn’t hurt the rotation, after all, and there’s still a few solid months before it’s time to chuck them all back in the attic to make room for the Alohas.

The folks at Stock Mfg. Co. seem to understand that ever-present dilemma, and drew up some killer flannel button-ups in an effort to entice an impulse buy. You know, just in case your on the verge of falling off the wagon yet again.

Instantly making this a shirt worth considering is that very nice price — just over a hundo for a shirt made in Chicago. Felled seams and custom-etched buttons are some nice additions, particularly those seams. But it’s the soft, yarn-dyed blanket-weight 7.2oz. 100% cotton flannel that’s the star of the show here. If for no other reason, I suppose you have room in your closet for your first blanket shirt, right?

Available for $108 at Stock Mfg. Co.