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The Heddels Denimhead Gift Guide 2017

It can be hard to find gifts for the established denimhead. Sure, they have a very serious hobby, but their denim rotation is (more than) full. And if they’ve been in the game for long enough, they probably also have all the boots, leather goods, and loopwheel clothing they could possibly need.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t denim-related gifts that can be appreciated by even the most seasoned indigo fiend. Join us as we explore rare gifts for denimheads — things that we’ll all appreciate but are unlikely to already have.

1) Indigo Proof Denim Repairs Gift Certificate

the-heddels-denimhead-gift-guide-2017 1) Indigo Proof Denim Repairs Gift Certificate

Whether you wear your jeans into the ground or try to keep them as pristine as possible, they’ll eventually need to be repaired. Those repairs can add up, and many of us put off sending our jeans in for repair, which results in an even larger repair bill when the time comes. Indigo Proof has denim repair gift certificates in a range of values — a gift that will surely be appreciated by anyone in the denim game. No matter what amount the gift certificate is for, I guarantee that the denimhead in your life will put it to good use.

Available for $30+ from Indigo Proof.

2) Denim Dudes: Street Style, Vintage, Workwear, Obsession by Amy Leverton


There are a ton of denim related books out there, but “Denim Dudes: Street Style, Vintage, Workwear, Obsession” by Amy Leverton is among the most recommended. Many of us have had to explain to our family and friends why we are so obsessed with denim, but no longer — just toss them this coffee table book and let it do the talking. While this book isn’t solely focused on raw denim (or selvedge denim for that matter), it’s a read that any denimhead can get their nose into.

Available for $19 from Amazon.

3) Samurai Jeans: SJSTL17-D24 24Oz. Denim Stool


Many of us simply don’t have room in our denim rotation for any new pairs. But, that’s not to say that we don’t have our eyes set on other denim-related goodies. Well, Samurai Jeans SJSTL17-D24 Denim Stool gives the weary denim traveler a rest when they’ve done too much crocking. Not only is it made by Samurai, one of the most respected brands in the denim world, but it’s also made from a gorgeous 24oz. heavyweight denim. The entire stool can be taken apart, too — the legs disconnect, and the seat folds and snaps together for easy transportation.

Available for $227 from Denimio.

4) Japan Blue Denim Wall Drape


Whether you need an organizer for your office, bedroom, or denim craft station, Japan Blue’s Denim Wall Drape is the obvious choice. Made from Japan Blue’s 10oz. denim, this wall organizer makes sure you never go too long without seeing raw denim, and also helps keep your life well in order. It features a range of pockets designed to fit everything from pens to magazines, and even boots. It can be easily hung via its three brass grommets, so just find a spot, carefully install a few pieces of mounting hardware, and enjoy.

Available for $68 from Okayama Denim.

5) Merchant and Mills Oilskin Sewing Kit


No matter how well maintained you keep your jeans, or how many Indigo Proof gift cards you’ve racked up, you may find yourself in need of some on-site emergency repairs. Merchant and Mill’s Oilskin Sewing Kit has everything you need to perform the necessary field repairs on your favorite pair. Whether you intend these fixes to be temporary or want them to be more permanent, a good sewing kit will make a world of difference.

Available for $70 from Unionmade Goods.

6) Self Edge Hand Made Steel Jean Hanger


We’ve all had an existential crisis or two over how to store our jeans. Folding can create creases we don’t want (and even unintended fading), but tossing them on the ground just feels wrong. Luckily Self Edge has the answer. Their Hand Made Steel Jean Hangers hang your favorite pair using the belt loops, which ensures there will be no unnecessary creasing. Or, if you have a well worn pair that has been retired, turn it into a display piece with one of these.

Available for $38 from Self Edge.

7) Momotaro SZ-001 Jeans Detergent


Most of us have developed our own cleaning regimen for our jeans, but recently, a number of denim brands have released their own detergents. Momotaro is one such brand, and their SZ-001 Jeans Detergent is becoming a mainstay in many denimhead’s laundry rooms. While you might be happy with your current laundry detergent, it’s nice to know that this one is made by an authority on denim.

Available for $26 from Denimio.

8) Oni Selvedge Denim Banner “Patch Design”



Besides hanging your retired pairs of jeans, there isn’t much denim-based artwork out there. However, there are a few solid options, like Oni’s Selvedge Denim Banner, which has been outfitted with their signature patch design. It’s made from a piece of Oni’s 14oz. denim, and can be framed or just put up with thumbtacks. With more brands releasing their own denim banners, you can have an entire wall of denim.

Available for $75 from Blue in Green.

9) Iron Heart IHG-056 21Oz. Selvedge Denim Apron


We’ve discussed denim aprons on multiple occasions before, but recently, a new challenger has entered the ring. Iron Heartknown for their heavyweight denim — has released the IHG-056 Denim Apron, a 21oz. selvedge denim apron that will surely stand up to everything you can throw at it. It has a range of pockets, an adjustable strap, and custom branded Iron Heart hardware.

Available for $185 from Iron Heart.

10) Heddels x Winter Session Natural Indigo Bank Bag


The first in our CO-OP Series, we’ve still got a couple of these puppies kicking around, and it may be one of your last chances to get your hands on some of Cone Mills White Oak natural indigo selvedge denim. Based off of vintage bank bags, it’s large enough to serve as a Dopp kit, tablet holder, or simple carryall. It’s finished with natural veg-tanned leather and a vintage Talon zipper.

Available for $70 at Heddels.

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