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The Heddels Extravagant Holiday Wish List 2017

The holiday season is nearly here, and that means it’s almost time to start picking out the perfect gifts for your family and friends. Luckily for you there are still a few more weeks before the festivities really begin, and we can take that remaining time to put together a no-holds-barred extravagant wish list–things so expensive and opulent that you rarely (if ever) find yourself buying anything of their caliber. That said, it’s fun to dream; and if you are fortunate enough to be gifted one of these items this season all the better.

1) Tanuki: Shell Cordovan Long Wallet


Miloh Shop is a brand new store in Vancouver, BC and they are stocking their shelves with some of the finest goods available. This Tanuki Shell Cordovan Long Wallet is made in Japan by some the finest craftspeople around using Japanese Shinki Hikaku shell cordovan for the exterior and interior, and blue suede for the inner lining. The edges are hand beveled and burnished, and each wallet is accompanied by a matching lanyard to make sure it stays securely attached to your person.

Available for $750 from Miloh Shop.

2) Tanner Goods: Tekio Modular Shelving System Configuration 8


Tanner Goods’ Tekio Modular Shelving System is one of the coolest room organization systems on the market with its only downside being its price–but hey, today we aren’t taking that into account. The placed and height of the shelves and cabinets are adjustable, which allows you to customize this shelving unit to fit you and your space. These systems are made in the USA from hardwood, an aluminum structure, and steel feet. This particular configuration comes with three units to be mounted side by side, nine shelves, one tambour cabinet, and one drawer cabinet.

Available for $6,670 from Tanner Goods.

3) Mission Workshop: Arkiv R6 40L (The Explorer)


Mission Workshop’s Arkiv R6 Backpack is, almost unarguably, one of the most versatile backpacks on the market. It comes with size rails, hence the name R6, which all different components to be secured onto the back such as a laptop case, folio, or water bottle holder. It also comes in two sizes: a small 40L and a large 40L. The Explorer Arkiv R6 40L is really no different from the standard, customizable 40L R6 with all the fixings, and that’s what makes it such a splurge.

Available for $549 from Mission Workshop.


4) m_moriabc: AA Dve FvMo in Smoke


m_moriabc is one of Maurizio Altieri’s latest and greatest projects. They produce minimalist footwear that is somehow completely unlike anything else on the market. The AA Dve FvMo in Smoke is a mouthful and an updated service boot constructed in Italy from Horween shell cordovan and an oak-tanned leather sole. The color is almost black but with hues of a brown and grey popping through, and each pair is finished with endless infinity laces. These shoes definitely aren’t for everyone, but if they stand out to you they’ll be hard to get out of your head.

Available for ~$3,000 from Cruvoir.

5) Master & Dynamic: MH40 Over Ear Headphones in Brown


Master & Dynamic’s MH40 Over Ear Headphones have quite a cult following due to their great audio quality and vintage styling. Each pair is made from stainless steel/cowhide with lambskin ear pads, and come with an array of different, woven cables so you can choose the right setup for you. Although available in several different colors we are partial to the brown, but hey, if you’re already splurging just get one in each color and rotate between them!

Available for $400 from Canoe Club.

6) Nine Lives: Yak Leather Rider’s Jacket in Black


Nine Lives’s Yak Leather Rider’s Jacket is one of the most minimalist and unique leather jackets on the market. It features an ever-so-slightly asymmetric two-way brass zipper, two front hand pockets, front facing sleeve zippers, three inside pockets, and a deep red micro-suede lining. The primary leather for this jacket is a custom made veg-tanned yak in a deep black, which matches the rest of the jacket perfectly. If you are only going to own one leather jacket this is the one. Or if you are going to own many leather jackets this is a great one to add to your collection. Either way, keep this jacket in mind next time you are looking to drop some serious bills.

Available for $2,150 from Rivet and Hide.

7) Kapital: Waffle Knit High Neck Sweater


Everyone is going to need a comfy, new sweater for the coming months, and Kapital makes some of the best around. Their Waffle Knit High Neck Sweater is a chunky, 100% wool, made in Japan knit sweater that is fantastic for keeping in heat. It features a single-slot chest pocket, thumb-slit cuffs, a rolled hem, and will stretch to fit you perfectly. Kapital releases a bunch of sought after sweaters every year, so lets this be the start of a great collection.

Available for $440 from Independence Chicago.

8) Rimowa: Classic Flight Cabinet MW53

I don’t know about you but I hate checking my bag at the airport and knowing it will come back damaged. Enter the Rimowa Classic Flight Cabinet MW53. This heavy-duty, aluminum suitcase is about as durable as they come, and the five year warranty is sure to give even more peace of mind. It features four all-direction wheels, metal reinforcements at the corners, and two built-in combination locks.

Available for $621 from Blue Button Shop.

9) Gaziano & Girling: Thorpe in Oak Kudu


Gaziano and Girling’s Thorpe in Oak Kudu is one of those boots that is hard to forget. The sleek last and soft-square toe, cherry red lining, classic split Norwegian toe pattern, and beautiful pattern make these boots perfect for the business casual wardrobe. Kudu leather Thorpes are very popular, and it is rare to see them stocked at a store rather than only available via custom orders. If you have been looking for these boots or just want to add another pair to your closet, now is your chance.

Available for $1,350 from Mehra.

10) Humanitarian Donation: Many Organizations

Drought landscape in Somalia. Image via Tyler Hicks, New York Times.

While nearly all of the above products (and everything we cover on Heddels) benefits small makers and artisans, we can’t forget that many people’s “extravagant wishlist” this season is simply running water, power, and a hot meal. Hundreds of thousands of Americans in Puerto Rico are still living without power, Eastern Africa is currently experiencing the worst famine in 70 years, and hundreds were just killed in an earthquake on the Iraq-Iran border. The following are non-partisan, non-governmental organizations dedicated to addressing the crises like those listed above. The holidays are a time of giving, and we’ll continue to publish our regular series of gift guides this season and each will contain a few charitable organizations we think deserve some attention.

What’s on your wish list this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.

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