Wilson & Willy’s Half Raglan Trench

The amazing thing about visiting the great cities of Europe is that you get to see how their residents dress. You feel inspired to try new styles, colors, prints… but the bad thing is that there are suddenly a million new items of clothing you want to buy. After my little European trip, I’m dying for a trench coat.

Not a Phillip Marlowe trenchcoat, but something more subtle and refined. Something more like the Half Raglan Trench from Wilson & Willy’s. This plain collar trench coat has all the warmth and functionality you’d expect from a trench, without making you look like a flatfoot hot on the trail of some femme fatale. The coat is made from a mid-weight Japanese wool-nylon blend and has a back-panel raglan sleeve detail to mix things up.

Available in Charcoal and Oxblood for $320 from Wilson & Willy’s.