Fade of the Day – Edwin ED-45 (19 Months, 1 Wash)

Today’s fade comes to us by way of Sweden, courtesy of Heddels reader Håkan Johansson. He’s been wearing this pair of Edwin ED-45 for nineteen months, picking up some authentic fades along the way thanks to multiple trips to the States, and a horrific BBQ sauce accident.

Upon purchasing these Edwins, Håkan was advised to never wash them. This worked out for long enough, until an unlucky run-in with some BBQ sauce warranted the first wash. But as we know, it’s all about wearing your jeans hard, and Håkan has done just that with hours of mechanic work in his garage making for some nice lap fades, with some solid ‘combs to match.

We’re also seeing the beginnings of some lovely whiskers, too, and with no repairs yet, Håkan can carry on beatin’ these Edwins and coating them with sauce until they’re threadbare.