Fair Ends Light Denim Ball Cap

Denim jeans, denim shirts… don’t you think it’s about time you bought yourself a denim hat? Fair Ends came through (yet again) with a killer new collection of headwear, including this Light Denim Ball Cap that really caught our indigo-loving eyes.

To give it you short and sweet, this one’s an unstructured-bodied, 100% cotton denim cap, free of all unnecessary frills— truly capturing that less is more essence. As we all know, when your denim is good there’s no need to muck it up with fancy labels and other decor, a sentiment that Fair Ends owns with this piece, marking it only with their brand label on the inner headband. This hat is one size fits all, and comes with an adjustable nylon webbing strap and plastic closure at the back, which is good, because once your denim game reaches your head, it’s hard to get it off your mind.

Available in this and many other colorways at Fair Ends.