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Heddels Denim Wash – We Made Soap For Your Raw Jeans

To wash or not to wash? That is the question we’re asked nearly every day by the multitude of people unsure if they should be laundering their denim. The answer is ultimately up to you, but we’d almost always encourage those in doubt to, yes, wash your jeans. And today, we’re excited to announce our own Denim Wash, designed specifically to launder raw and dry denim.

If you’ve read this site for a while, you might recall our affinity for soap nuts, the naturally sudsing berries you can use to wash your clothes. Their benefits are numerous:  they clean dirt, grime, and odors, but are mild enough not to damage delicate clothing. They’re also hypoallergenic and non-toxic, and they have minimal environmental impact. I’ve personally used soap nuts for my laundry for about five years, but had difficulty integrating them in the tub when washing my jeans.

No longer. We’ve bottled the extract of what makes the soap nuts wash and concentrated it into a liquid form. You can launder your jeans in the tub or a washing machine with less than a teaspoon of our Denim Wash. One bottle is good for a minimum of 24 washes, which should keep you at least two years even if you’re a washing fiend. So pick up a bottle, it’ll clean your jeans without ruining the fades—or the environment—in the process.

Available for $28 at the Heddels Shop.

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