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Iron Heart Superblack Riffblaster General IH-101J-BLK Jacket

I bet you that there will be someone who reads this article, sees the phrase “Superblack Non-Fade denim,” and immediately says to themselves, “Challenge accepted.”

If you’re looking for an uphill — or a damn-near impossible — fade challenge, then you’ll already be dying to cop this heavyweight, non-fade jacket from the folks at Iron Heart. The technical designation on this one is IH-101J-BLK and its full name is quite a mouthful:  Superblack Non-Fade 21oz Selvedge Denim 1946 Type Rider’s Jacket – ‘The Riffblaster General.’ The jacket has all you would expect from IH, details like felled internal seams and a selvedge waistband. And because it’s based on the Lee 101J, it’s a totally classic piece of menswear from the jump.

If you want this jacket, get it now, while winter is upon us. Because if you can beat it up enough now, it’ll be comfy enough for upcoming summer nights.

Available for $450 from Iron Heart.