Kamikaze Attack Corduroy Vest

Kamikaze Attack makes sure to stay on-trend with their latest winter-appropriate vest. This vest would only be more of-the-moment if it came with 1/10,000th of a Bitcoin via a QRC code sewn into the tag.

Corduroy is currently reigning supreme and K.A. deftly created an exclusive, wider-wale brown version for the exterior, which was a keen choice, as brown seems to be shaping up to be the new navy—for this season at least. Additional warmth is provided by a sheep pile lining through the body and inside the hand-warmer pockets, and there’s just enough peaking out through its mini shawl-neck opening to let people know what’s going on under the hood.

Continuing along current trend-lines, the vest is more or less a considered update on a military classic. While this take isn’t as chic as some of the like-minded items currently being offered from designers around the globe, it was made with enough thought that working it into your existing wardrobe should be a far easier task than standard military gear is.

$248 at Okayamadenim