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The Heddels Home Gift Guide 2017

Believe it or not there are actually gifts worth giving that are not made of denim or leather. While we all like sprucing up our love one’s wardrobes, gifts for the home can be equally as well received. While you’ll certainly be a better judge of what your gift recipients will enjoy we hope this guide sends you down a rabbit hole that will lead you to find the perfect gift.

1) Ayame Ceramics: Bullock Bone Wide Texture Vase


Once you enter the world of high quality ceramics it can be hard to leave, and whether you are adding to your loved one’s ample collection or starting them down this path the Ayame Ceramics Bullock Bone Wide Texture Vase is sure to be well received. As the name implies this piece is all about texture, and quite frankly I’m not sure I’d even want to cover it up with a bouquet of flowers. That said, can you think a better sight to come home to than this vase filled with flowers sitting on your living room table?

Available for $180 from Glasswing.

2) uKeg: 64oz. Copper Plated Steel Growler


We recently explored the world of vacuum sealed water bottles, and uKeg’s 64Oz. Copper Plated Steel Growler is an even fancier version. While it has a standard opening for filling it up, this growler come with a CO2 regulator and tap style dispenser to keep your beer both cold and carbonated. This model holds half a gallon of your favorite beverage, although a larger size is available. The attractive copper plating on this model will serve as an excellent conversation starter when its not serving you delicious micro brews.

Available for $169 from GrowlerWerks.

3) Nest Homeware: 9″ Cast Iron Frying Pan


Nest Homeware’s 9″ Cast Iron Frying Pan is one of the model we couldn’t fit in our last article on cast iron skillets, but we’re thrilled to be able to share it with you now. The finish on the cooking service is incredibly smooth, not unlike how vintage cast iron skillets were made, but its the asymmetrical tree branch like handle that really sets this pan apart from the competition. Although this model doesn’t come with the lid, that can be purchased separately or, if you purchase the matching Dutch oven, that lid will fit the skillet as well.

Available for $155 from Anthropologie.

4) Indigofera: 100% Wool Blanket Hassock Fall


There are many quality wool blanket companies out there, but if Indigofera keeps up the good work, there won’t be for long. Their Hassock Fall Wool Blanket is made from a beautiful multicolored wool fabric, and the blanket itself is constructed in Norway. The Hassock Fall pattern on this particular model is quite tame compared to some of their other offers, which range in pattern from a flying eagle to a bucking horse in a lightning storm.

Available for $330 from Rivet and Hide.

5) Surplus: 3-Piece U.S. Military Folding Field Desk


This surplus 3-Piece Folding Military Field Desk is one of the coolest pieces we’ve come across. When setup the desk features a decently sized writing surface, stool, and a myriad of drawers and filing cabinets. But that’s not the best part. When you need a bit of extra space you can simply fold the desk into itself and get a gorgeous trunk that you can store away. While this piece might not stand out to everyone aesthetically it’s hard not to appreciate this feat of form and function.

Available for $180 from Sportsman’s Guide.

6) Steamline Luggage: The Editor Series Linen and Leather Stowaway


Vintage suitcases are very cool, but unfortunately they are hard to find intact and without a musty odor. Luckily Steamline Luggage has released a line of luggage that looks old without aforementioned negatives. Their Editor Series is constructed with a linen and leather exterior that is supported with an aluminum/fiberboard interior. Once you get inside this suitcase you’ll see it has ample space for all your clothes, and partitioned pockets for all your loose items.

Available for $263 from The Line.

7) Yield: Ceramic French Press – Gray


Yield makes a ton of minimalist home goods, their Ceramic French Press being among them. It can make up to 850ml of coffee at a time, the perfect amount for you and a friend or two, and it looks great while doing so. It comes in a range of glazes, all of which have the shiny brass accent press at the top.

Available for $120 from YIELD.

8) Curious Corners: Bingo Kasuri Random Stripe Pillow

Curious Corners is known for their indigo, so it comes as no surprise that their Kasuri Stripe Pillows come with fantastically unique fabrics. While this piece is marked as a pillow case it actually comes with the pillow as well, but the hidden zipper of the pillow case ensures you can swap it out to the pillow of your choice or take it apart for proper cleaning.

Available from $83 at Curious Corners.

9) Lemnos: Yokan Desk Clock


The Lemnos Yokan Desk Clock will look fantastic on any desk, field or otherwise, and is just as functional as the desk it sits upon. In addition to this clock’s time function it also measures temperature and humidity, ensuring that its user will be off to work on time and properly dressed for the weather to come.

Available for $150 from Nalata Nalata.

10) Environmental Defense Fund Donation

What better gift for the home than to protect the one that we all share? The Environmental Defense Fund is committed to bipartisan environmental solutions that solve issues related to climate change, endangered species, and persuading companies to pursue more eco-friendly business practices.

Learn more at the Environmental Defense Fund.

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