The Heddels Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2017

We all lead busy lives, and sometimes finding time to buy holiday gifts for your loved ones is tricky. Luckily for us, the internet has simplified things greatly, and with overnight shipping, even the most disorganized shopper can make sure they have all their necessary gifts lined up.

While we generally try to offer products from a range of shops, today we’ll be focusing on two that can ship things very quickly:  Amazon and East Dane (Amazon’s high-end men’s fashion store). It’s nice to support local shops and smaller boutiques, but sometimes that just isn’t feasible, and that’s where larger stores shine: they stock a breadth of products and are frighteningly efficient, two necessary factors when it comes to last-minute shopping.

1) Woodlore: Adjustable Shoe Trees


Maybe you’re buying a gift for a shoe fanatic, or maybe you’ve noticed that someone in your life has been upping their shoe game lately. Either way, a pair of Woodlore Adjustable Shoe Trees will find itself at home in anyone’s closet. This model has a central spring to help it expand to fill the shoe in terms of length, and as the toe is pressed back it expands to fill up the shoe’s width. This helps to ensure a solid fit so the cedar wood can do its job at absorbing moisture.

Available for $18 from Amazon.

2) Master and Dynamic: ME05 Earphones in Brass


We’ve mentioned Master and Dynamic’s over-ear headphones in the past, and their ME05 In-Ear Earphones offer the same great quality, but in a smaller, more portable (and cheaper) package. This pair is shown in their shiny brass colorway, which I’m sure many of our readers will find attractive; however, if you’re at all worried about gifting something that’s too flashy, then check out their palladium or black colorways. Each pair comes with a carrying case, cord organizer and ear tips in a variety of sizes.

Available for $199 from East Dane in brass, black, or palladium.

3) Filson: Rucksack in Black


It’s hard to imagine a world where any Filson gift would fail to light up the eyes of the recipient. Their brand is synonymous with high quality, made in the USA bags, and their Rucksack certainly has a breathtaking attractiveness to it. This model features a flapped closure that’s secured with two brass rolled buckles, and side-by-side smaller pockets on the exterior for any smaller things you might be carrying around.

Available for $350 from East Dane.

4) Hestra: Edward Sheepskin Wool Lined Gloves


Hestra is one of the most well known glove companies in the world, and their Edward Sheepskin gloves are the perfect introduction to the brand. The exterior is constructed from a buttery-soft sheepskin, which is lined with a soft knit fabric for increased warmth and insulation. One thing that kept me from buying a high quality pair of gloves over the years was the all-too-common one-size-fits-all nature of offerings. Luckily, Hestra offers this style in a range of sizes so you can be sure they’ll fit whomever you gift them to.

Available for $125 from East Dane.

5) Naked & Famous: Selvedge Weird Guy Jeans in Khaki Green


Selvedge denim is something we all love, but it’s a hard thing to gift. All denimheads are very specific with what they want in their next pair, and most of us already have full rotations. However, even the most seasoned denimheads need more than just indigo in their rotations, and Naked and Famous‘ Weird Guy Khaki Selvedge can be just that pair. It fits like denim, feels like denim, and even sizes like denim, so finding the perfect size is easy.

Available for $150 from East Dane.

6) Seiko: SNK809 Automatic


Seiko’s SNK809 is one of the most suggested entry-level automatic watches. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who appreciates heritage and traditional crafts then an automatic watch is perfect, and this one comes in at a very reasonable price. It’s styled after traditional Type B Pilots watches, especially as far as the dial, hands, and case are concerned, but with lots of liberties taken throughout. It comes in a range of colors, but the black colorway is by far the most popular. Note, prices fluctuate on these watches drastically—I’ve seen the price jump from sub-$50 to over $145 in only a couple of days, so make sure to keep an eye on it.

Available for $82 from Amazon.

7) MiiR: Slate Insulated 23oz. Water Bottle


MiiR’s Slate Insulated 23oz. Water Bottle is an all-around great vacuum-insulated water bottle. Like most of its competition, it’s constructed from double-layered stainless steel, which keeps liquids cold for approximately 24 hours or hot for half that time. The thing that sets this one apart from others is mainly the killer aesthetics—the textured powder coated finish looks fantastic, and the screw top is as attractive as it is functional.

Available for $30 from East Dane.

8) VonShef: Matte Black Cocktail Set


Cocktail sets always make great gifts, and VonShef’s Matte Black Cocktail Set is definitely cooler looking than most others on the market. It comes with everything you could possibly hope for in a bar set: a shaker, a double sided jigger, a Hawthorne strainer, a muddler, two pouring spouts for your favorite bottles, and much more. If the person you’re shopping for already has a cocktail set, then consider a book of classic cocktails, whiskey stones, a pair of high quality scotch glasses, or something else in the same vein.

Available for $45 from Amazon.

9) Higo no Kami: Pocket Knife


There’s a near-bottomless well of pockets knives out there if the person you’re shopping for is a collector, but even someone who doesn’t usually carry a pocket knife can appreciate Higo no Kami’s Pocket Knives. This model features a brass handle, Warikomi steel blade, and a simplistic, refined design. Each knife comes in a great box that will make opening this gift even more special.

Available for $29 from Amazon.

10) Charitable Donation: Electronic Frontier Foundation

Not gonna lie, this one is a little self-motivated. The FCC ruled last week that it would strip the internet of it’s Title II status, a policy otherwise known as Net Neutrality. This decision severely is a big threat to small internet-based businesses (like this one), who could now be charged a fee by internet service providers for access to their customers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been a longtime proponent of Net Neutrality and a great resource in the fight to get it back.

You can learn more and/or donate at EFF.