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Unmarked Dress Concho Boots Dress Up and Down

Not everyone associates a “Made in Mexico” label with high-quality, long-lasting goods, but those who know understand that manufacturing matters aren’t as cut-and-dry as we assumed they were in the recent past. (For instance, word has gotten out that “Made in Italy” is a bit of a sham statement, “Made in the USA” doesn’t automatically mean better than the rest, and “Made in Turkey” might mean you might have something special on your hands.) Working to establishing a solid reputation for Mexican manufacturing, however, is Unmarked and their band of bootmaking artisans producing footwear to sustainable and ethical standards south of the border.

Their recently unveiled Dress Concho is among their more accessible offerings (ahem). The classic broguing in the full-grain cowhide upper could pass for a casual option depending on what resides beneath, but it was wisely paired with a decidedly dressier Goodyear welted leather sole and a pit-tanned midsole, which means that all they’re missing is a flannel suit and an occasion.

The patterned pull tabs and calf lining aid and abet its usage (it’s a real shame more boots don’t offer those), and all-in-all, it’s a lot of hand-made boot for your money.

Available for $360 at Unmarked.

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