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Fade of the Day – Folk Clothing x Limers Flip Flops

When’s the last time we had a veg-tanned flip flop as our Fade of the Day? I think this has to be a first for us, courtesy of London’s Kash Meherali.

This pair is a now-discontinued collaborative effort between Folk Clothing and Limers. Thankfully for us though, Kash bought two pairs of these leather sandals, allowing us to gain a clearer picture of their beginning and end. Brand new we see a pleasing butterscotch veg-tanned tone and after two-and-a-half years of wear they’ve turned near milk chocolate patina.

Kash had them mended a couple times but it sure looks like they will serve for a heck of a while longer; and likely continue to evolve along the way. And when they are truly done, time to start the fun all over again with pair number two!